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Have Some Leftover Fabric? Do Something Creative

If you have already involved yourself entirely into sewing then after every project you must have lots of scrap at your table. This is the problem of every sewer that after completing a number of projects we have to clean the whole room and we have to waste so much scrap. We all actually think that scrap is of no use and it’s better to throw it than to use it somewhere. By using the best basic sewing machine for beginners suggested here Изображение you can make a number of things.

Do you know that your scrap can make you creative? You can produce and sew so many products from it even you can make gifts from the sewing scrap. This is going to be super fun DIY if you have a scrap over your table and now after completing all your assignments, you want to create something adorable. Here we are telling you about some of the things you can make from the leftovers.

Do sewing projects with leftover fabric

Fabric Flowers:

Have you ever give a closer look to the fabric flowers? You can see how every petal is connected to the other and it’s basically not a whole fabric. If you have a wide strap of the leftovers on the table, no matter if they are of the same color or different, you can create the flowers from it. Trim them into the irregular petal and connect each strap to another.

You can sew these flowers on the cushions, on the shirts or on some pillows which are for decorative purposes. In this way, you can create several flowers of different shapes in several colors. Your scrap will turn itself into something beautiful and you will be proud of your beautiful creation.

Book Marks:

Books are the source of peace but it just doesn’t feel right to fold the pages to remember where we are leaving for the next time. To avoid this, create a beautiful and colorful bookmark from the fabric leftovers. You just have to cut the simple long strap from the fabric and you are all done. Don’t forget to sew the double layer of the bookmark.

Sew it according to the size of the book. Use it as a pillow cover, one side on the front of the book and another side on the page where you are leaving. You can create several bookmarks for yourself according to the size of each book and you can also gift some of them to your friends who are planning to buy some from the market.

Key Chains:

It’s quite easy to sew the keychain from the scrap with the help of the best basic sewing machine for beginners. Now you can create multiple keychains. One for your home key, one for the car and many more. Cut the fabric from the leftover and trim it into some good-looking shape. Now all you have to do is to make sure that you are the chain of the key is attached to the fabric properly.

Your keychain is ready and you can also add some ribbons or buttons over it to make it look creative. You can make a little pocket on the face of the keychain to keep small things in it. This project is creative and any sewer will enjoy attempting this project in their sewing space.

Make key chain using a leftover fabric

Mug Rug:

Every sewer must know what is a quilt? You may not have attempted the one but you must have already know how colorful quilt is. In the same way as the scrap, now you can design your own mug rug. Of course when you have a hot coffee or tea in your hand then you must need something to hold it or to place your mug over it.

Cut the small pieces of scrap and start joining them into the square. Once its shape is like a mat press it and make the corners flat. Your mug rug is ready and for the next time, you don’t have to run here and thereafter spilling the coffee or tea on your table. This will give support to your mugs as well.

Cord Keeper:

We all go through some of the weird problems and one of them is to solve the cord tangled case. No matter if it’s related to the charging cord or headphones but whenever you are going to use them, they will always be in a bad condition. Sometimes due to less care, these things stop functioning and after a few months you have to replace them.

In this case, design your own cord keeper. You have to use the button or stick patch at the end of the strap. Measure and cut the small piece of the strap from the leftovers and tie it around the wire. Your cord or earphones are never going to be in bad condition and you can use them anytime.


You can create so many alphabets from the scrap. You can create the initials of your name from the leftovers. Cut them into the shape of some alphabets and you will be done with the most creative project. You can use these initials to decorate the sewing room and you can also use some of the alphabets on your projects.

You can sew the initials of your name in your bag and you can use those as a keychain. You can even present the sewn alphabets to your friends as a gift and you can add these alphabets to the friendship band.

To choose the best sewing machine for completing the above projects, read our reviews on Top Rated Sewing Machines For Beginners You Should Buy and you are good to go. To increase your skills and to get familiar with the work, understand about your sewing machine.


In sewing nothing is useless. You can always create something out of the small strap. All you need to have is a right kind of thinking and how you want to change some leftovers into the best work ever.