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First of all, you must create a truly natural space by arranging more appropriate trees with large enough foliage without requiring a lot of light such as palm, ornamental coconut, birth, sesame bud ... Cool and decorative effects for your home.

Planting more types of vines on your front porch to create a natural green space. This combination of canopies and trusses gives you a natural space in front of your porch.

Depending on the location you should choose the appropriate type of roof, for example, if your porch does not have enough light in the morning, it is recommended to install a light roof, which makes the space more airy, if If it is too sunny, you can install a tarpaulin roof to cover your space.

Add a few decorations for your children to play during family gatherings such as swings, or furniture ... If you feel your own space can rest, you can add reclining chairs to lie ... It would be great if there are a few more rocky islands your space will really turn into an ideal family gathering, refer to more samples of mobile roofs in Danang.

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